Useful Books About the Middle Ages

This is a list of books I’ve found helpful. Click on highlighted titles for a review.

Edward II

Isabella and the Strange Death of Edward II – Paul Doherty

Edward II: The Unconventional King – Kathryn Warner

Edward III

The Perfect King: The Life of Edward III, Father of the English Nation – Ian Mortimer

Edward III: A Heroic Failure – Jonathan Sumption

The Black Prince

The Life and Campaigns of the Black Prince: From Contemporary Letters, Diaries and Chronicles, including Chandos Herald’s Life of the Black Prince – Richard Barber

Edward, Prince of Wales and Aquitaine: A Biography of the Black Prince – Richard Barber

Edward, the Black Prince: Power in Medieval Europe – David Green

Richard II

England Arise: The People, the King and the Great Revolt of 1381


The Knight Who Saved England: William Marshal and the French Invasion of 1217 – Richard Brooks

Who Murdered Chaucer? – Terry Jones

Joan of Kent: The First Princess of Wales – Penny Lawne

The Greatest Traitor – Ian Mortimer

The Life of Geoffrey Chaucer – Derek Pearsall

Hawkwood: The Diabolical Englishman – Frances Stonor Saunders

Monks and Monasticism

Life in a Monastery – Stephen Hebron

Medieval Monasticism: Forms of Religious Life in Western Europe in the Middle Ages – C.H. Lawrence


Life in a Medieval Castle – Joseph and Frances Gies

Castle: A History of the Buildings that Shaped Medieval England – Marc Morris

The Hundred Years War

Prisoners of War in the Hundred Years War – Rémy Ambühl

The Hundred Years War 1337-1453 – Anne Curry

The Hundred Years War: A People’s History – David Green

Armies and Warfare in the Middle Ages – Michael Prestwich

Trial by Battle– Jonathan Sumption

The Road to Crécy – Marilyn Livingstone and Morgan Witzel


Troilus and Criseyde – Geoffrey Chaucer

Chaucer’s Knight – Terry Jones

The Book of the City of Ladies – Christine de Pizan

The Treasure of the City of Ladies – Christine de Pizan

Everyday Life

Death and Burial in Medieval England 1066 – 1550 – Christopher Daniell

Life in a Medieval Town – Joseph and Frances Gies

Life in a Medieval Village – Joseph and Frances Gies

Terry Jones’ Medieval Lives – Terry Jones

By Sword and Fire – Sean McGlynn

Beds and Chambers in Late Medieval England – Hollie L.S. Morgan

The Senses in Late Medieval England – C.M. Woolgar


Medieval Tiles – Hans van Lemmen

Medieval Gardens – Anne Jennings

Crafts and Trades

Medieval Goldsmiths – John Cherry

Builders and Decorators: Medieval Craftsmen in Wales – Nicola Coldstream

Medieval Masons – Malcolm Hislop

Medieval Craftsmen: Embroiderers – Kay Staniland

The Black Death

Return of the Black Death: The World’s Greatest Serial Killer – Christopher Duncan

Black Death – Philip Ziegler


Medieval Hunting – Richard Almond

The Hound and the Hawk: The Art of Medieval Hunting – John Cummins

Food and Cookery

The Medieval Cookbook – Maggie Black

Food and Cooking in Medieval England: History and Recipes – Maggie Black

The Medieval Cook – Bridget Ann Hennisch

Knights and Chivalry

The Templars: History and Myth – Michael Haag

Knight: The Medieval Warrior’s (Unofficial) Manual – Michael Prestwich


Pilgrimages to St James of Compostela From the British Isles During the Middle Ages – Robert Brian Tate

Pilgrimage – Jonathan Sumption

The Church

The War on Heresy: Faith and Power in Medieval Europe – R.I. Moore

The Companion to Cathedrals and Abbeys – Stephen Friar

The Friar of Carcassonne – Stephen O’Shea


Medieval Bodies – Jack Hartnell

General Reference

The Medieval World Complete – Robert Bartlett

Masterpieces of European Arms and Armour in the Wallace Collection – Tobias Capwell

The Time-Traveller’s Guide to Medieval England – Ian Mortimer

A Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases – Christopher Corédon and Ann Williams

Cathedral, Forge and Waterwheel – Frances and Joseph Gies