I write historical romances set in the fourteenth century and in the Regency period.

I started telling stories as a child to keep my little sister entertained. They were long and involved and never came to an end, but she never complained. Later I started writing stories down. They were inspired by books I’d read or things I’d seen on TV. This continued on and off during my adult life, but it wasn’t until I was working away from home and staying in a bed and breakfast during the week that I finally knuckled down to writing a complete novel. Then I wrote another one and then another. This was the one that I let someone else read – eight years after I started it. It doesn’t take eight years to write a novel anymore and I’m not so shy about letting other people read what I write. My sister is still the first person to read the story, though, and she still doesn’t complain.

You might be expecting this to be a blog about writing, but it’s not. It’s mostly about interesting things that I’ve discovered in my research or that I see around me that relate to the Middle Ages or to the Regency period. There will be the odd book or DVD review. I enjoy research and read a lot of books about the periods in which my stories are set.

I shall be posting every Sunday and I hope you’ll join me as often as you can.


25 responses to “About

  1. Nice to meet you April – you have a lovely blog here! I’m a big reader so will keep an eye out for some of your books!

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  2. lilleana

    HI April, what a lovely surprise I look forward to reading your books.

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  3. I’m very impressed that you are a published historical novelist! I will definitely look up your books!

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  4. Uh oh, typo! Sorry. I meant “paid,” of course, not “apid.” I have a bad habit of forgetting to proofread before hitting Send. 😦


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  7. Thanks for following my blog, look forward to reading yours and finding your books, I do like historical fiction.

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  8. Ellen Hawley at Notes From the U.K. dropped your blog link in my link party post so I thought I’d pop over, check out your page and say hi. “Hi!” lol

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  10. Look forward to reading more of your posts.
    Many thanks for stopping my Travel and Photography site.

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  11. Sarat Mason

    Hi April good to see what you are up to! Very impressed with your blog and list of books. Wil definitely order some. I am working in a secondary school library now. Do you think these will be suitable for the students???
    Are you still working your day on too?
    Sarat x

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    • Hi Sarat, thank you for visiting. I shouldn’t think the books would be terribly suitable for under-16s. Although far from graphic, most of them contain scenes of sex and/or violence.

      Today is the second anniversary of my retirement:-)


  12. Mónica Edith López

    Hola Abril, es un placer recorrer tu blog. Disfruto de tus post, son un remanso, un pequeño viaje a la Edad Media, época que tanto me dice, Muchas gracias.


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