No, it is my real name. Yes, it is a great name for someone who writes romance novels. I can’t, of course, claim any credit for it at all.

Welcome to my blog. I hope you’ll enjoy what you find here.

I write historical romances set in the fourteenth century and in the Regency period and I want them to depict those worlds as accurately as possible. That means doing research, which I love. It seems a shame to keep all the interesting things I find out to myself, though. A very small proportion of it makes its way into my novels. The rest of it I’m sharing with you.

I post every Sunday and I hope you’ll join me as often as you can.





28 responses to “About

  1. piclinegirl

    Nice to meet you April – you have a lovely blog here! I’m a big reader so will keep an eye out for some of your books!

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  2. lilleana

    HI April, what a lovely surprise I look forward to reading your books.

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  3. I’m very impressed that you are a published historical novelist! I will definitely look up your books!

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  4. Uh oh, typo! Sorry. I meant “paid,” of course, not “apid.” I have a bad habit of forgetting to proofread before hitting Send. 😦


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  7. Thanks for following my blog, look forward to reading yours and finding your books, I do like historical fiction.

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  8. Ellen Hawley at Notes From the U.K. dropped your blog link in my link party post so I thought I’d pop over, check out your page and say hi. “Hi!” lol

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  10. Look forward to reading more of your posts.
    Many thanks for stopping my Travel and Photography site.

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  11. Sarat Mason

    Hi April good to see what you are up to! Very impressed with your blog and list of books. Wil definitely order some. I am working in a secondary school library now. Do you think these will be suitable for the students???
    Are you still working your day on too?
    Sarat x

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    • Hi Sarat, thank you for visiting. I shouldn’t think the books would be terribly suitable for under-16s. Although far from graphic, most of them contain scenes of sex and/or violence.

      Today is the second anniversary of my retirement:-)


  12. Mónica Edith López

    Hola Abril, es un placer recorrer tu blog. Disfruto de tus post, son un remanso, un pequeño viaje a la Edad Media, época que tanto me dice, Muchas gracias.


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  14. flowwalker

    Wonderful of you to share the information you find with others, instead of just stashing it away! I look forward to perusing it.

    I am a long-time lover of medieval mysteries — especially those by the incredible Edith Pargeter, who used the name Ellis Peters for her Cadfael series, set in medieval Shropshire. As with all mysteries for me, the interest is seldom in the mystery itself, it is in the interaction of characters, the philosophy of the author/main character revealed there (if it is one appealing to me), and, ideally, the deep poetic qualities of the setting. Since you are a generous person, and write sometimes in medieval settings, I’ll check out some of your work. But regardless of anything else, I really appreciate your offering here.

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    • Thank you. I also enjoyed the Brother Cadfael books. Whenever I go to Shrewsbury, which is about once every three years, I park in the car park across the road from the abbey and I think about Cadfael and about how that area might have looked during the Anarchy.


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