Two Offerings

I have two offerings for you today, neither of which is mine. The first comes as the result of a conversation in a car returning from a pub quiz (which we won despite there being no questions about the Middle Ages). I realised that it has been a while since I shared a Bardcore video. So here is the latest from Hildegard von Blingin’.

She has been doing some wonderful things since I shared her version of Jolene a couple of years ago, so please have a look at everything else.

The second offering is a video of a handcart being trundled across fields and through a wood, with no commentary. It’s worth watching just to see the glory of an English bluebell wood in spring.

Jason Kingsley has made some amazing videos about the Middle Ages. He jousts and there are some videos about how he trains his horses to be used in jousts. There are lots of videos about life in the Middle Ages and there’s also another video about how the handcart was made and how it might be used.

April Munday is the author of the Soldiers of Fortune and Regency Spies series of novels, as well as standalone novels set in the fourteenth century.

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15 responses to “Two Offerings

  1. Hildegard has done a cracking job rewriting The House and has a beautiful voice. The trundling looks like hard work and I think the creaks and squeaks would drive me bonkers, but worth seeing the bluebells.

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    • She does have a great voice. There were some disccusions in the comments to the video in which the cart was first seen about how to reduce the noise, but I think this video was probably made at the same time as the first one. Even though I love it, I don’t think I would have shared it but for the bluebells.

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  2. ♫ Hildegarde’s sweet, crystal voice gives this hit new life! ♪ Thank you!

    Find it odd that the handcart was pushed, as it’s easier to pull than push. Odd that medievals didn’t think of that. They wouldn’t put a cart before a horse. The cart looks heavy, and the load is fairly light. Pushers had to have been in very good shape!

    Ah well, they served the purpose! ♥

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    • Her voice is lovely.

      In the first video about the cart Jason Kingsley did discuss whether or not it would be easier to pull, but thought it was easier to push over the terrain where he was using it. There was also something about balance, I think. Since he’s a multi-millionaire, I don’t think he has to worry about pushing his cart very far.

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  3. Cara Hogarth

    So much ambient trundling! Fun video – thanks, April! I reckon medievalesque-dude should do up his bonnet ties (one gust of wind, and off with the bonnet) and leave his mobile phone back in the hovel.

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  4. Wonderful! I particularly enjoyed Hildegard von Blingin’s singing. I sense she used the same chords as the Animals’ version, though I have a tiny doubt that she experienced the House of Orleans as the old blues number meant it.

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