Fiddleford Manor — A Bit About Britain

Last month I wrote a guest post for Mike Biles’ site A Bit About Britain. It’s a wonderful site, full of posts about places in Britain and British history, all accompanied by good quality photographs. If you go there to read my post, look around for a bit, as there’s bound to be something else that will interest you.

A Bit About Britain is delighted to welcome author April Munday, as a guest writer introducing us to Fiddleford Manor. Fiddleford Manor, such a great name, is a small manor house in North Dorset. 17 more words

Fiddleford Manor — A Bit About Britain

April Munday is the author of the Soldiers of Fortune and Regency Spies series of novels, as well as standalone novels set in the fourteenth century.

Available now:




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6 responses to “Fiddleford Manor — A Bit About Britain

  1. I read this over on Mike’s site, nice job!

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  2. I also stopped by Mike’s site. An informative and intriguing post as usual, April!

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  3. Are such stone places difficult to heat? I just love the time-worn look of English stone buildings! We have limestone in Indiana, but it seems to weather faster. Don’t think ours will ever have the longevity of English stone.

    Sorry to have commented so late. Been ill. Kept all your posts & will read as I recuperate! ♥

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    • I’m sorry you’ve not been well. I hope you’re fully recovered now.

      I don’t know about heating stone buildings. I’ve always assumed they’d be cold in winter, but the walls might be thick enough to retain the heat if there’s a good fire in the room.


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