Medieval Merchant’s House – The Back Room


Back room

Back room, the Medieval Merchant’s House, Southampton


Continuing the exploration of the Medieval Merchant’s House in Southampton, we leave the hall and go into the private room which is behind the hall. In The Winter Love ,  which used this house as a model for Edward’s shop and home, this was the room in which Edward kept his money and his books.

As in the other rooms on the ground floor, the floor is made of beaten earth.

The passage runs the length of the house from the front door.  The whitewashed wall in the photograph below is the back of the house. The open door leads out to a small garden. When the house was first built the kitchen and the latrine were out there, physically separated from the house.


Bottom half of passage

Ground floor passage, the Medieval Merchant’s House, Southampton


The back room was an important room and was probably where the merchant kept his strongbox and carried out his business. Its importance is shown by the moulded joists, the fireplace and the glazing. Although there was a fireplace in the room originally, the fireplace in the first photograph above dates from the sixteenth century.


beam and pottery in back room

Ceiling of back room of the Medieval Merchant’s House, Southampton


As has been done in the other rooms of the house, the back room has been filled with copies of medieval furniture and pottery.

An impressive chest has been placed in the room and it’s easy to imagine the merchant locking up his money and precious objects in it at the end of each day.


chest in bcack room

Chest in the Medieval Merchant’s House, Southampton


Next to it is this rather jaunty looking cupboard.


Cupboard in back room

Cupboard in the back room of the Medieval Merchant’s House, Southampton


Below is a photograph of a detail of the cupboard decoration, showing a ship at sea confronted by a large fish.


Cupboard decoration

Detail of cupboard in back room of the Medieval Merchant’s House, Southampton


On the whole, I think this was probably the most pleasant room in the house when it was first built. It was smaller and, therefore, probably warmer than the hall. The glazed windows would have helped to keep the heat in.








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13 responses to “Medieval Merchant’s House – The Back Room

  1. The uncluttered look, which many strive to do now 🙂

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  2. You know how I love your posts! So educational!!!

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  3. I’m loving this series of posts so much! Thanks for sharing these pictures and info, April!

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  4. This is an inspiring space isn’t it? Can almost imagine a series of interesting events (wonder what’s in the chest…)

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  5. Thanks again for taking us on this tour. I love seeing the centuries-old craftsmanship on display.


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