An Englishman’s Castle


Today I’m the guest blogger on the English Historical Fiction Authors site. If you’d like to have a look at the post about castles in England, you can read it here.



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4 responses to “An Englishman’s Castle

  1. Castles! I’d love to visit Gu├ędelon, too. Recently, I’ve been watching the Secrets of Great British Castles presented by Dan Jones; Cardiff Castle’s now on my to-see list.


  2. What a fascinating post! As an American I haven’t had the opportunity to explore many castles that aren’t of the Disney variety, but oh how I would love to. I did get to visit Norwich castle about 15 years ago. Someday I’ll travel again. Sigh.

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    • It is something that we can take for granted too easily. I live half an hour’s walk from what I believe are the second (possibly third) most complete medieval town walls in the country. Our castle is one that has disappeared, but the ruins of a couple of towers remain. There are also Roman and Saxon remains, but I know less about them.

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