When Love Means Daring To Reveal Who You Really Are


The second book in the Regency Spies trilogy is now available. As you can see it has another wonderful cover by the talented Cathy Helms of Avalon Graphics. If you didn’t already know that I write historical romance, Cathy’s design would tell you immediately.

The trilogy takes place between the summer of 1811 and the summer of 1815, with the final book concluding a few days after the Battle of Waterloo. The first book, The Heart That Lies, dealt with the earl of Meldon, a spy during the Napoleonic Wars, who is distracted from hunting down the killer of a colleague by the arrival into his house of a young woman who refuses to tell him her name. The second book is about the earl’s friend, the widower Edmund Finch.

This is the description on Amazon:

In the spring of 1812 Regency spy Edmund Finch returns to London after a failed mission on the Continent. Physical and mental exhaustion keep him away for society for some time, but when he returns to it he is introduced to a beautiful woman who steals his heart. Is she, however, a fit woman to be the mother of his young son? And what of Sophia, a young woman whose intelligence delights him, but who has attracted the attention of his closest friend’s nephew. Finch’s friends fear that he is not in a condition to make the right choice; Finch can only follow his heart, when he understands it.

It’s not necessary to have read The Heart That Lies to read and enjoy The Heart That Hides.

The trilogy will be completed by The Heart That Wins which I hope to have ready for the editor by the beginning of next year.


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